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PGP - Where do I upload my key and the system to utilize it? Also, have do I force PGP?

Andrew.M.628 Posts: 3 🔍
edited October 2023 in K-12
Good Day

I'm actually a parent of a student, how do I upload my PGP Public key into the system? I also would like to know how an Org can set mandatory PGP for all students, administrators and teachers.

Furthermore, I'm sure I'm just not seeing the option, since no modern platform would forgo such a based staple of email / communication security.



  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 183 admin

    Hi @Andrew.M.628 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    We have a few routes you can take with this. First, we do have information on Brightspace's Best Practices for Outgoing Mail. These utilize DKIM keys.

    Another option is a free PGP tool, this will involve some setup and exchanging of secret keys out-of-band outside of Brightspace. There are some resources that can direct you in how to do this, like YouTube tutorials. We definitely recommend verifying that they are trusted sources!

  • Andrew.M.628

    Good Day

    Thanks for getting back to me, DKIM and TXT DNS level validation is not an acceptable substitute for PGP. SPF, DMARC, DKIM and TXT records only add a very basic level of validation against the domain, but that doesn't create a proper validation layer, which is what PGP is for.

    I'll grant you that using third part GPG and PGP software is an excellent idea when a platform lacks the basic core functionality, but I was hoping that a platform of this size might have basic email protections built in. Since those seem to be lacking, how long until they can be built in and enforced?

    Respectfully PGP was a minimum viable email security standard in 1994, it's nearly 30 years later, so there's no excuse for all email platforms not having proper support built in and turned on. After all, look at ProtonMail, the gold standard for hosted email.


  • Stefanie.B.518
    Stefanie.B.518 Posts: 461 admin

    Hello @Andrew.M.628

    We’re always working to improve each area of Brightspace, so we appreciate your candid feedback and have connected it with our Product Team.

    We do work hard to maintain our Security and Privacy Compliance Commitments, and have a method for you to connect more directly with our Security Team to share and learn more.

    This page on Privacy and Security offers a form where you can connect and hear back from a member of that team specifically.