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I've spent HOURS trying to figure this out and I'm frustrated.

I set up one class from scratch and had the totals work just fine. The test grades are a max "100" and the Weighted Total is a max "100" score.

The second class, is being transferred to this system in the middle of an active class - from Blackboard. Each test is a max "100" but the total is 1,300 instead of a max 100 points. I've gone screen by screen trying to find the difference between the two shells and can't find where I went wrong. When I tried to change around the type of grading scale (I tried going from points to weighted), it dropped all my grades down to .01 each. I had to go back and manually redo all the existing grades. There are so many different screens, this platform is not user friendly. Does anyone know where I need to go to correct this? I even found a "Calculated" total option and put in the formula to have it give an average of all the test grades, but that didn't show the correct way either.

I have 5 more in-progress classes to fix before Tuesday morning. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  • Janet.W.813

    Hi Shelia.D.392,

    I'm sorry for your frustration. Admittedly, setting up the gradebook can be complicated, mainly because it is a powerful feature designed to do the heavy lifting for you. Hopefully we can assist with getting you to that point.

    I have a couple of questions to make sure I give correct information.

    1. Is the gradebook you set up from scratch using a Weighted or a Points gradebook? [To determine the type, go to Grades > Settings > Calculation Options tab

    2. Are you using categories within the gradebook? Yes / No

    3. Is this the same setup for the gradebook causing issues? If not, please describe the setup.

    4. You should not need to use a "Calculated" grade type for this workflow. The "Numeric" grade type should suffice.

    5. If using a Weighted Gradebook, are there any error messages listed at the top of the Manage Grades view?

    A couple of general tips and best practices:

    1. As you discovered, best practice is to not make changes to a gradebook that has active students/grades within it. Is that the same case with the other gradebooks still needing to be fixed?

    2. I have found that the Manage Grades area is an easier way to View the gradebook setup, especially if using Categories.

    Kind regards,