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What is the differences between the following:
Export as Brightspace Package
Export as Common Cartridge
Export as Thin Common Cartridge


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    Hi P..O.444,

    The Brightspace Package is the standard export for Brightspace LMS, it contains all the necessary resources you need to share your course with another Brightspace site. This method is used most often when importing the cartridge into another Brightspace course.

    Common Cartridge is a set of open standards developed by 1EdTech to enable interoperability between content and systems. The goal of Common Cartridge is to provide a format for packaging and using educational content across different learning platforms.

    Thin Common Cartridge (Thin CC) is also a standard developed by 1EdTech. Thin CC is a standardized way to package and exchange Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Links, Web Links, and metadata. It is a subset of Common Cartridge.

    When deciding whether to choose Common Cartridge or Thin Common Cartridge, here are some considerations:

    Common Cartridge files, alignments, and lessons reside in the importing system. On the other hand, the lightweight structure of a Thin Common Cartridge supports rapid development and deployment of publisher content aligned to learning standards to district systems.

    Hope that helps!