Is there a way to disable Task Assignment in Domo?


Wondering if there is a way to disable the task assignments (see "Assign Task" at the bottom of the image) or even better would be to disable users from seeing other users with access to the dashboard. Viewers of the report dashboard don't really need to know who all has access to the dashboard at our institution. And the assigning of tasks is not something viewers would ever use here. As an admin it might be useful, but I was surprised to see this available to those with participant (view only) access.


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Alan,

    At this time it's not possible to edit the role permissions/create new roles in DOMO. The idea to have that functionality is a good one and you should consider its submission into the Product Idea Exchange.

    An additional avenue through which to pursue this is to open a case with the D2L Support team to further investigate the possibilities of having the functionality described removed from the DOMO role.

    Hope that helps!