Where I can I get customer suport or guidance on an issue?

I am finding that when I course copy a D2L, my visual media in my question libraries end up with broken links. I've tried to upload and store audio and visual media files in organized folders in document management (i.e. media isn't linked from external sources, but has instead been uploaded/stored in courses itself), yet my question library questions still copy over with many broken picture links and empty frames where pictures should be. Thinking file size may be the problem, I have most recently tried copying over just one unit's of library and quizzes (which pull from library via random question blocks) at a time but that hasn't helped….

Are there any suggestions or guidance on course copy strategies to address this? For example, should I try copying just the content folder where the media files are stored and then copying the question libraries and quizzes that incorporate them in a subsequent copy request?

Any suggestions for obtaining customer support appreciated!