Is there a way to have preset discussion threads in a forum? (no student created threads)

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I would like to have a discussion forum with 3 preset threads that students can choose to reply to, and then there would be ongoing discussions within those three threads.


The problem I have right now is that students open the forum, and then instead of replying to my preset threads, they are creating their own threads, which segments the discussions and makes it hard for me to review all the ongoing conversations.


I have tried my best to explain this process to students, but they just see the big blue "start new thread" button and can't resist clicking on it!


So is it possible to prevent students from creating new threads in a forum, while still allowing them to reply to my preset threads? Or am I thinking about forums and threads wrong? Thank you in advance for your advice!



  • Ted.H.903
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    Hi David!


    Unfortunately there is no option for this at this time. From what you describe, we would recommend the use of discussion topics within the single forum to fulfill the roles of the preset threads. In this model, you would have a single forum that contains three topics to replace what you are currently using as threads and then the students can start their own threads within the topic of choice instead of replying to a preset thread.


    While the above strategy should create the kind of discussion structure you're looking for, it may create some dissonance if the forum you are using here is containing multiple topics already. In that case we would recommend using clear naming conventions to prevent potential confusion.


    If I missed anything in your question or anything you want to add any other details or follow up questions just reply here and I'd be happy to assist further!

  • David.Burnham6429
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    Thank you, Ted!


    I think that I just have a concept about discussion forums based on my own past experience as a student with them using other LMS platforms, and I just need to embrace the forum-topic-thread structure of Brightspace.


    I appreciate your reply :)