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Kara.L.749 Posts: 18 🌱

One of our instructors accidentally dragged and dropped her First Unit into her Second Unit. Now her First Unit is a Lesson in her Second Unit. How does she get it back? She tried to drag it back but it won't go. When we click on the First Unit/Lesson the option to Reorder is greyed out.

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  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Kara,
    I've done some testing and am assuming you are using the Classic content experience. Using the Lesson content experience I was unable to drag/reorder a Unit to be a child/sub-unit of another Unit.

    Regardless of the Content experience being used, the easiest way to resolve the issue is to use/switch to the Classic content experience. Navigate to the Content tool, click on the Table of Contents and select the Bulk Edit. This will provide you an alternative view through which you can drag and drop the modules/sub-modules to their right order.

    The following resource may be helpful -

    If the issue persists or you don't make any progress please reach out to the D2L Support team who can assist you with making the change.
    Hope that helps!


  • Kara.L.749
    Kara.L.749 Posts: 18 🌱

    Thank you - I changed from New to Classic Content and was able to move it back.

    Not sure what to do if they take the Classic Content option away though 🧐