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I have some users who do not see any tasks in the Work To Do Widget at the org level, they do see the task inside the courses. Is anyone else experiencing this?


  • Sreelakshmi.N.546

    Hi JP,

    Thank you for reaching out to us through community.

    The Work To Do Widget requires the View Work To Do Widget permission. The org level at which you should enable the permission is determined based on the level of the org structure where the widget is deployed. For example, if you add the widget to the course level home page, then the View Work To Do Widget permission would need to be enabled at the Course Offering level. If you add it to the main organization home page, then the permission must be enabled at the Organization level. Also, The Work To Do Widget displays activities across all courses except when it is placed on a Course Homepage.

    Following articles gives more information about the WTD widget

    So here in your case, we may need check on how the permissions are set for user role and how the widget is deployed.

    Also on the role of the affected users in Org level and course level. Of the role differs , then please check if required Work to do widget permissions are enabled for both roles

    We can investigate further on the issue as well, do you have a support case opened ?



  • Chris.S.534

    Hi JP,

    Assuming the users can see the Work To Do widget at both org and course offering levels, as long as the tasks are overdue or have an upcoming due date or end date, they should be appearing in the widget. The widget at the course level displaying tasks for the course in which it is being accessed, at the org level tasks from across all courses the user is enrolled into should be displaying.

    Check the role permissions and configuration against following resources: &

    If the issue persists please reach out to the D2L support team who can review your institutions role/tool permissions and provide guidance on how the issue can be resolved.

    Hope that helps!

  • Misty.W.30
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    Hi JP- The Work To Do widget is not working for our institution either. I submitted a ticket last July and keep being told to wait for the monthly updates for it to be fixed. Three months later and it still doesn't work.