Using anchor links on a content page causes the horizontal nav bar to disappear in instructor view

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I am using anchor links on a content page as a footnote reference in the following way:

Coding for the index in the text:

<li>Recruitment page for the company’s project management office: “Global Project &amp; Alliance Management”<a href="#t1fa" name="ftnref1"><sup>1</sup></a>, where you’ll find an overview of how “Our project managers partner with our teams to scope and execute our development and inline portfolio of projects.”; and</li>Coding for the reference (footnote) at the end of the page:<hr>
<div id="t1fa">
<p class="small"><a href="#ftnref1" name="#t1fa" "="">1</a></p>

The reference linking works however the horizontal nav bar on the top of the page disappears when you click on either of the reference links. It will reappear if you go back into edit mode then save and close however this is really only a work around.

Is there different code that I need to prevent the nav bar from disappearing?



  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Veronica,

    I've tested your code in all the Content experiences and have had no issue as you've described.

    I also tried with and without the target="_self" parameter on both links and they still worked as expected. You could also remove the bolded text "="" in the following <a href="#ftnref1" name="#t1fa" "="">1</a> 

    Maybe check the content in a different supported web browser to see if you get a different result.

    Hope that helps!

  • Veronica.O.693
    Veronica.O.693 Posts: 3 🔍

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for your response. I've tidied up my code, thanks for pointing that out, and tried a few different browsers, again, thanks for that suggestion.

    Unfortunately problem has not resolved, interestingly we get the following results:

    Edge and Chrome respond the same - links work in instructor and learner view but nav bar disappears in instructor view - restored if you go into edit mode then cancel or save. Learner view is not impacted.

    Firefox - nav bar does not disappear, links work in instructor view, but not in learner view.

    Open to any further ideas!