Can you auto-disable the SIS Course merge based on course start date?

Bill.H.891 Posts: 12 🌱
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The SIS course merge tool works great for allowing faculty to merge/unmerge course shells, but I am looking for a way tp auto-disable this tool once classes have started, so based on the course start date. Is this possible?



  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Bill,

    The functionality/role permissions to support what you have described are not currently available for the SIS Course Merge tool, that is to not allow course mergers after a course start date.

    However it is a good idea that you should consider submitting into the Product Idea Exchange.

    In the interim, one possible solution to get around this (aside from not allowing faculty access to the tool all together) is to use a Intelligent Agent to Change User Enrollment from a role with permissions to access the SIS Course Merge tool to one that does not at a predetermined time e.g. course start date. Alternatively this role switch/unenroll could also be achieved through your SIS integration/Bulk User Management tool/API etc to achieve the same outcome.

    Hope this helps!