How to Update Line Items with LTI Advantage?

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I'm currently encountering an obstacle while attempting to update line items that were generated via LTI 1.3 deep linking (scoreMaximum, label, startDateTime, endDateTime).

The grade item's name will undergo an update, but that encompasses the extent of the changes. The name and dates for the quick link will remain unchanged. Furthermore, the gradebook line item currently lacks any imposed restrictions, even from the initial creation of the line item, in contrast to the quick link which has them.

Interestingly, this issue doesn't arise when working with Canvas and Blackboard. If anyone has effectively implemented a solution for this, I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide an example of your approach.

I'm making my PUT request using the content type: application/vnd.ims.lis.v2.lineitem+json.

Thank you.

Initial quick link from deep linking (has dates)

Initial gradebook item created from deep linking (does not have dates)

After the PUT Request: Gradebook item has updated label (still no dates)

After the PUT Request: Quick link should have an updated label and dates (remains the same)

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    I've received an update from the D2L platform team regarding this issue. Here's their response:

    "Currently, there is no way to update the title of a content topic. We have plans to allow tools to update link properties through a service endpoint. fyi Our gradebook does not have the concept of dates which is why they are ignored and also optional in the AGS spec."

    The workaround today is for the instructors to update the name on the link/dates within content manually.