Bulk Delete Tool for content removal (not course delete)

We are in need of a bulk delete tool to remove all content and re-use the shell. Does D2L have such tool? If not, is there one coming?

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  • Jeffrey.M.844
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    Hello @Polly.H.484

    There is a Course Reset tool that will clear all of the course components, including content, and leave the course shell empty. Effectively, this is a way of clearing out the shell in full.

    Does that sounds like something that would work, or were you wanting to keep everything else in the course and only delete the content objects themselves?



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  • Nurbek.I.804
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    Depending what role is doing this, there is a tool called Course Reset for each course shell under the Course Admin.

  • Polly.H.484
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    Thank you both. That tool is not present on the Admin > Administration page. We will discuss this at our next week's meeting. Meanwhile, thank you for your replies, much appreciated.