How would I obtain new templates for my org?

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Our current templates are 4 or 5 years old. How would we obtain the newest versions of HTML templates for our org?



  • Heba.A.271
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    Hi @Emily.D.83 ,

    Thank you for reaching Brightspace Community!

    The current HTML version used is v3.0. You can downloaded it and you could store HTML template files in Public Files. I am attaching the steps of enabling the HTML template in courses as an example shared from one of our clients.

    Hope this helps!


  • Neil.G.267
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    We are wanting to move from the version 2 to version 3 templates. Is it safe to remove the 2.0 templates or will that break content created with them? Is it better to have both versions on there? We recently upgraded to Creator + some some of those templates have accordions and other elements that are duplicated.

  • Heba.A.271
    Heba.A.271 Posts: 75

    Hi @Neil.G.267 ,

    Kindly find updates from our SMEs , it is safe to remove Template V2 , it will not break content built with them but you can't build new content with those templates. In addition while it is safe to remove the HTML files for template V2 ( located under 'module _templates/'), it is recommended to keep support assets/folder as the folder includes supporting CSS, JavaScript and images.

    Also note that there are templates made specifically for Creator+. If you're logged into Community, you can download them here.

    Hope this helps!