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Nicole.H.311 Posts: 9 🌱
edited September 2023 in K-12

Where can I find information on creating and connecting the glossary to the content?



  • Hi @Nicole.H.311,

    The Glossary tool can be added to your course navigation bar (if you have the ability to customize your course navbar), otherwise you can find it via the Course Admin navbar link. Once in the Glossary to define a new term you will have the option to "Link to a Content Topic" in the course.

    Hope that clarifies.

  • Nicole.H.311
    Nicole.H.311 Posts: 9 🌱

    so there is no way for that term to be clicked on in the content and for the defination to show up?

  • Hi @Nicole.H.311

    Just trying to learn more about how to set up a glossary and saw your question. My clever colleague used this approach, time-consuming but might be something you'd like to investigate: If you want one word to have a mouseover, the simplest one on that page, you'd type 

     <span style="color: rgb(74, 143, 0);"><strong><span title="It worked!" style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">mouseover</span> </strong></span>

     In that code, the word 'mouseover' is the text you see, and 'It worked!' is what you see when you hover over it. 

    Best of luck.