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Is there documentation about system widgets? how to use them? how to create them? can we create system widgets?



  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Maria,
    Brightspace has two types of widgets:

    • System widgets - these are widgets created by D2L. All Brightpsace clients have access to a predetermined list of System widgets. In addition to these, other system widgets can be purchased through a
    • Custom widgets - typically these are client built widgets used to further personalise and enhance the learner/user experience in Brightspace. All D2L clients can create Custom widgets to meet their requirements.

    Some of the widgets listed in the will already be available and in use at your institution.

    When creating a custom widget you have access to the through which you can create and insert content from across Brightspace. This could include but not limited to:

    • displaying support hours/contacts/resources to learners
    • incorporating course branding/navigation elements
    • embedding video
    • linking to course resource and activities
    • building API-based JavaScript applications

    Additional resources:

    • Widgets
    • System widgets permissions

    It's important to note your ability to create custom widgets, manage homepages inc. adding/removing widgets, is based on your assigned Brightspace role and role permissions.

    Hope that helps!