Inline feedback not displaying checkmarks

We've ran into an issue when a student's assignment was not graded properly, because the assessor could not see any of the items checked by the student. The assessor was providing Inline Feedback, and none of the student's checkmarks are displaying there. However, if that assignment file is downloaded and opened in Word, the checkmarks are displayed properly.
Is that a common issue, and would that be system compatibility related? The student was using Mac; I can see that the Inline Feedback downloads as a PDF file. So it looks like when a Doc file gets transferred into a PDF on D2L, the symbols (e.g. checkmarks) might get lost?


  • Olly.F.893

    That's certainly a possibility. Changes can happen to a document when any software converts something from a Doc to a PDF.

    I reckon this needs a bit more investigation to establish exactly what causes those particular symbols to disappear. First off, if you're an Approved Support Contact (ASC), I'd raise a support case to ask this question. To save time, include the org unit / course offering, a link to the assignment in question, and the name of the student whose submission is affected. It would also be useful to know what software they used to write the assignment. Was it in Word for Mac, or Pages, for instance?

    In the meantime, you might want to use a test account on your site to try and replicate it. If you create a word doc with those symbols, does the same thing happen? How about if you do so from a Mac?

    Hope that helps.

  • Kate.H.954
    Kate.H.954 Posts: 8 🌱

    Thank you so much Olly! I did end up creating a ticket; in the meantime, my research showed that it might depend on the type of a checkmark. If it's inserted through the Developer, it will be lost in this Word to PDF Inline Feedback transition.

    Thank you so much once again, and have a wonderful rest of your week!


  • Olly.F.893

    Ah, good detective work! The great thing about you posting that here is that someone else will be able to discover the answer if they hit this issue in future.

    Have a great week too!