create a course in d2l

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i need to learn how to create a course in d2l


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    Hello @walid.m.313,

    When you ask 'how to create a course', are you wanting to know how to create a course shell — the space wherein you will deliver your course, including its content? Or, are you wanting to know how to setup a course —within an already-created course shell?

    If you you are wanting to know how to create a course shell, there are a number of ways to do this in Brightspace, including:

    • Course Management*
    • Org Unit Editor
    • Bulk Course Create
    • SIS / HRIS Integration
    • API

    To give you the most meaningful instructions, I'd need to know what process courses are typically created using in your organization, as each of the aforementioned methods have a different workflow; some of which may be restricted to users of a specific role (i.e Administrators).

    Having said this, I'm sharing here some links to some how-to videos that shows:

    1. How an Administrator can use Course Management* tool to create a course shell
    2. How an Instructor can setup a course

    Note: for additional how-to videos, I recommend you check out our Brightspace Tutorials channel.

    I hope this helps!


    Learning Administration Manager