New Content Experience - Instructor Preference

How do I allow my instructors the ability to turn on/off the New Content Experience at their discretion?

Thank you!

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  • Natasha.B.837
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    Hi Bryan

    This change can be made by users who have been assigned the Super Administrator or Administrator role at the Organization level, provided they have the Can See/Edit Config Variable Values permission at the Organization level.

    To enable instructors to turn on/off the New Content Experience at their discretion:

    1. Access Config Variable Browser from the Admin cog.
    2. Enter lessons in the Search field and click Search.
    3. Select d2l.Tools.Content.ChooseContentExperience ( Role ).
    4. Select Add Value.
    5. From the Role list, select Instructor.
    6. From the Value list, select on.

    A note of caution: if Instructors change the content experience in a course which has learners/students enrolled, the change will also be visible to the learners. We therefore recommend changing the content experience ONLY while a course is in development or when it is no longer accessible by learners/students.

    Kind regards