Instructor Usage question


Hello, is there a way to determine which instructors have set up and used their gradebooks on Brightpace during the semester? I see grading reports in the DataHub, but they have ORG ID numbers and not instructor names. This would take days to sort through. Thanks for any assistance.


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Ashley.W.378 You'll need to join the data tables using Power Query in Excel (if your institution is not too large and Excel can even open the files), or database software such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc. if you don't have an authoring role to Domo Analytics (a.k.a Insights Report Builder).

    You'll need to look at Users for first and last names, but also User Enrollments to find the courses that those Users are added to as instructors, based on their role in the course. Then Organizational Units will give you the names of the courses. As for using the grade book, you could look at Grade Results and check the last time a grade was entered for a student in the course (LastModified field). However, I've had problems with this particular data set since dates were being logged in that field even when no grades had been entered in the course, so you will need to make sure that other fields such as PointsNumerator are not null.