how to enroll Teaching Assistants


I have my TAs' Net Ids (our org-defined ID) but a search using Classlist returns no results. What are the steps for enrolling TAs?


  • Craig.R.185

    Hi @Laura.W.243 . Brightspace's roles includes permissions as to which roles can enrol which roles in courses. That you see no results, suggests that your role doesn't have permission to do this — it's worth noting that this setting restriction in your Brightspace site might be by design, depending on how enrolments are automated. Reach out to your system administrator to find out more about your institution's specific permission settings.

  • Johnny.B.962

    It is likely you don't have permissions to search for and enroll the users into the course you are attempting to do so in. You will want to reach out to your Brightspace administrator to check the permissions for your role within that course, and what roles the TAs have that you are trying to enroll.

    Otherwise, there are several different ways that a user can be enrolled into a course, but it sounds like you area attempting to do it correctly, you just need the right permissions to see those users in your search.