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Hi all,

Probably a really stupid question, I apologise in advance. The techs who used to look after our Brightspace integration have now left and it appears that we have a link from Brightspace into our student records system which imports the grades which have been entered in Brightspace. We are having issues with that link but when we check the IPSIS admin for integrations we can only see data coming in, not data going out. I can't see anything specific in the Config Variable Browser that the manual mentions for integrations either.

Does anyone have any ideas of where we should be checking for export jobs?


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    Hi Denise,
    It's likely your institution has a middleware integration/application that handles the request for grades from Brightspace and then pushes these into your Student Record System.
    One place to check, as an Administrator/Super Administrator, for such an integration is in Admin tools > Manage Extensibility. Here you can see the applications that are registered/permissioned with your Brightspace environment to make API calls/request data and so forth.
    If you don't see anything obvious best to open a support case with the D2L Support team who can better assist you with the request.
    Hope that helps!