Create user via Classlist, username issue

We'd like to use Email as the login. However, the system doesn't allow it via the course when creating a user in Classlist. Where might I be able to fix that? We're able to use email if we create accounts via course merchant or if an admin creates them.




  • Hi @Scott.B.223 ,

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    Its is expected that you can create a user with Username using "@" from the Users tool but unfortunately you will not be able to create and enrol a user from Classlist tool with username including "@" and it is not recommended to include "@ "in a username from the Classlist Tool due to its impact on other tools.


  • Scott.B.223
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    Thanks, but then why is it allowed at the admin level? If it really caused issues with other tools, wouldn't "@" not be allowed for Usernames there either?


  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for the update , to add on it; it is not allowed per user Role permission even admins will not be able to create user name from the Classlist tool with"@" but would be able from the Users tool. Unfortunately it is currently known not to be consistent between the tools.

    I would recommend raising a PIE item requesting for enabling the emails when creating users from the Classlist tool.