Documentation site not displaying correctly (title corrected)

Francis.U.332 Posts: 21 🌱
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A whole lot of the pages I land on here have no useful instructions and no links. Why do these useless pages exist?


For example, where do I find the Video Lecture Template? I can't use it if I can't reach it. NOTE: THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE.

add video article

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  • Joshua.van.Wijk6262
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    Hi @Francis U.​ , I'm sorry to hear you are encountering difficulties. I can see in that screenshot you shared that the page is not displaying correctly for you. If you are encountering that behavior on multiple pages on Community I would encourage you to clear your cache and reload the site. That should resolve the issue (but certainly let me know if it does not).

    This is what that page should look like; it includes a video tutorial as well as links to related resources:

    community screenshot