Checklists and Completion Summary


Has anyone else had an issue with the completion summary for checklists displaying incorrect information. For instance as an instructor in the course I see in the completion summary that all of my students have 9 of 9 items checked off in their checklist, however I know that at least one of the students hasn't even logged into Brightspace.

Class Progress shows the correct information for checklists but it doesn't seem like completion summary does.



  • Olly.F.893

    Hi Emma, I think this is actually a quirk of how it's designed.

    When people have not completed the checklist in its entirety, it will display like this:

    When they have completed the checklist, the dot becomes a check, and it displays the completion time:

    I imagine that what you were expecting is for it to say, for instance, '0 of 3 items completed'?

    I can't see a request for this in the Product Idea Exchange, but I'd start by putting one there.

  • Emma.D.602
    Emma.D.602 Posts: 10 🧭

    Hey Ollie,

    Thanks so much! That's super helpful. What you described is exactly what I'd expect to see. I'll put in a PIE for it.