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Hi all,


I have 5 compliance based courses on Brightspace. Is it possible to set them up so that all I have to do is send a generic link to external individuals and they can self register onto the courses themselves? Or self register into the learning environment so that the courses are available to them?


Context and Background:


  • I don't know who the learners are as they work for organisations that we contract work out to. They are employed by these organisations and I don't know who they are until they are actually in Brightspace.


  • Some of the learners will already have accounts on Brightspace


  • Some of the learners won't already have accounts on Brightspace


  • I need a link that will allow them to set themselves up as learners for the first time in the learning environment. Even if they have never logged in before and their details don't exist on the system already


  • Ideally the same link could cope with returning learners in some way so that if they try to register the system will tell them they already exist and ask them to put in their password. 


  • Once in the learning environment ideally they would already have the 5 courses sitting there and they will already be enrolled onto them and just need to go ahead and take the courses. If this isn't possible, if the courses were sitting there they could self-enroll. I thought about using release conditions to automatically enroll but I think the conditions are only checked every 24 hours and I want this to be almost instant that they can see the courses. 


Any help?




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    In terms of self-registration for accounts, I imagine you'd probably have to talk to your Customer Success Manager. I know that D2L does have solutions (like Course Merchant) that allow people to browse and sign up for courses.


    If they are already in Brightspace, you could possibly use Discover.


    I'm not personally aware of a way that you can automatically enrol quicker than the 24hr check that an Intelligent Agent runs.

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    Thanks Olly, I reached out to my Success Manager, soon after I posted. In short, there wasn't a solution to getting people into Brightspace, that fit my needs so I might have to do the bulk upload route. Once they are in Brightspace, attaching them to courses is straight forward, but if I'm going the bulk upload route - from memory - I should be able to attached them to courses during the upload, so all fine.