How do I convert my Blackboard course to Brightspace

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What is the course conversion process from Blackboard?


  • Puneet.K.883

    Hi David,

    You can export your course content from Blackboard and save it as .zip file on your computer.

    For importing the course content in Brightspace, use this workflow:

    1. In the Brightspace course where you want to bring the course contents, select the Admin Tools menu from the top right corner
    2. Go to Import/Export/Copy Components option
    3. Select Import Components feature and click Start
    4. Upload the .zip file from your computer that you exported from Blackboard

    Tip: You may want to offset semester dates in your Brightspace course. Go to Course Admin>Manage Dates option to set the dates.

    Hope this helps,

    Puneet Kaur

    Technical Account Manager