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Hello, we are a new Copyleaks customer and the faculty member wants to know if they can add Copyleaks plagiarism detection to an existing assignment instead of having to recreate it using the Copyleaks assignment external tool.

Also, is there a way to attach a grading rubric to a Copyleaks assignment? The only way I could find is to attach the rubric to the assignment grade column, but is there a way to attach it to the assignment itself?

Thank you.

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  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Michael,

    I don't believe it is possible to add CopyLeaks to an existing assignment, rather you would have to download student submissions and upload them to the CopyLeaks Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool. See How do I use the Instructor Plagiarism + AI Scan Tool

    As you have noted the only way to attach a rubric is to attach it to the CopyLeaks grade item in Brightspace once created. An additional option to consider is to download the Brightspace grading rubric and add it as an attachment to the CopyLeaks assignment if you want it to be accessible to Learners.

    Hope that helps!