Is there any way to create a custom homepage on the LMS for a specific user group?



I've been looking through the LMS homepage widgets and had a few questions. I can see when I create a custom widget, I have the option for release conditions, but is there anyway I can do the same for the other default widgets? like the My training or My courses?

We have 2 sets of user groups using the LMS, so we'd like to be able to tweak and create a different view for each of the groups.





  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Stephen,
    A similar request to add release conditions for System Widgets was submitted by community memebers seveal years ago (2015 & 2018), see however this has a status of Not Planned. The My Training widget is not generally available, and is only accessible to a small pilot group of D2L clients of which your institution is one. Feedback on this widget should be pushed to your D2L Account Manager/Technical Account Manager, including any feature requests you have for it. Regarding the question to present a different homepage to different user groups this is possible using the Login Logic tool, see You need to keep in mind some Brightspace tools are available from the Org level only, and cannot be presented on homepages of lower level Org units such as Departments etc. As a guide if a role permission exists for a tool at the Org level the tool can be made available at the Org level and so forth. There are exceptions to this so always best to test. Hope this helps!