Latency issues so I can not access Brightspace from France.

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Has anyone been able access Brightspace from France? This has been a problem for years for me. I used to stack open requests to get in. This no longer works. Ideas? Perhaps a VPN?

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  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Jon,
    Brightspace learning environments and associated services are hosted on AWS cloud infrastructure globally. This ensures a high level of environment uptime(>99.95%) and availability. We also have a significant number of clients in France and throughout Europe more broadly. It's possible the issues you have/are experiencing are caused by local network congestion and bandwidth issues. In this case it's best to log a Support Case with the D2L Support team who can help you to troubleshoot the access issues being experienced, and ensure the environment you are attempting to reach is working as expected. Hope that helps!


  • Jon.C.435
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    Thank you very much Chris. This is useful information.

    I was wondering if other US Brightspace users were having trouble in France, but I assume from your comment that there are other US users who travel to France and don't have problems. I have tried Brightspace from many locations in France, just over over the border to another country and bang it works. I can not open a Support Case as my college cheeped out and has kind of a no power steering, crank windows, no radio in the car…

    Oh a friend said, just use your phone, that got me in, but I can't really work on the phone. What do you think about a tablet using an android opp system? That would be an acceptable workaround, though for the beginning and end of the semester I would be then out of France.

    I still will try a VPN.

    Does France have some kind of Firewall?

    Thank you again Chris, yours was the most informative answer I have heard. Everyone else just scratches their head and has no answer.