Assigning an Instructor to a virtual classroom course


Hello: A virtual classroom course has been set up with "registration dates".

The actual virtual session will be held outside of the LMS on MSTeams.

How can the Administrator assign a facilitator/instructor to this course?

The reason we want the facilitator/instructor assigned is so that they can access the class list that will be generated once participants sign up. Then an email will be sent within the LMS using that class list - attaching the MSTeams joining instructions.



  • Donna.D.652
    Donna.D.652 Posts: 2 🌱

    I just want to clarify the situation above. We do not have the "virtual classroom" enabled on our LMS. That is, we are not now able to actually facilitate a virtual session within the LMS, that is why we are using MSTeams to do so. A better question might then be: If we don't have the "virtual classroom" enabled on the LMS, is there an impact if the "deliver method" on the landing page was set to "virtual classroom"?