PowerPoint slides overlaying on top of each other when uploaded


Has anyone else had PowerPoint decks show every slide at once when uploaded as a file into Brightspace? If we turn it into a PDF it does not do this but we are hosting the files for instructors to download and then use when teaching the course. The deck is fine before and after it is uploaded and downloaded.

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  • Michelle.C.887
    Michelle.C.887 Posts: 1 🌱
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    I just had this same experience but may have uncovered a solution. When you view the PowerPoint, in the bottom left-hand corner of the Powerpoint viewer, is there an option to "view as page"? If so, select that. It seems to have solved the issue at my end.


  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Dave,
    Without seeing the PPT file, a couple of things for you to try:

    • if you are using transitions, try turning them all off and upload the adjusted presentation and retest
    • if the issue is resolved and you want to use transitions try recreating the presentation, upload again and retest

    If this issue is happening for all PPT presentations please open a support case with the D2L Support team to investigate.
    Hope this helps!

  • Dave.N.783
    Dave.N.783 Posts: 7 🧭

    Thanks Chris,

    I went and checked various powerpoints for transitions and they do not have any. The powerpoints are basic and include a variety of images and text only. I sent a ticket to my internal support and I will ask them to open one with the D2L support team.