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Hi There,

I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a resource which provides some details on sharing permissions for OneDrive file links added to content(NCE) when using the following workflows:

Add>Existing>OneDrive> Select File/Folder

Insert Quicklink>OneDrive> Select File/Folder.

In testing using the workflows above seems to provide View only access. Is there a way to manage the level of access provided, allowing students to View and Edit a shared file when using these workflows does access to Edit need to be managed from OneDrive?

Any advice appreciated!


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  • Christin.W.370
    Christin.W.370 Posts: 14
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    Hello @jennifer.F.105

    Anything added to Content is designed to be consumed as part of a lesson so currently the View only access is granted via the integration.

    In order to allow users to edit a file shared, you could try creating a standard html content topic and using a sharing link generated from the document to which you want to allow editing - so yes manage the access from OneDrive or the Microsoft Application being used.

    Your request is an interesting workflow, please feel free to submit it to our Product Idea Exchange!


  • jennifer.F.105
    jennifer.F.105 Posts: 6 🌱

    Thanks for clarifying Christin. I definitely think an option to Manage Access type when adding One Drive files to Content would be a useful addition.