seeking some guidance on using ETL to generate data on completed rubrics


I am new to using Domo in the Insights Report Builder, so am hoping someone can provide some practical tips here. I have attempted to create several dataflows to generate what I need, but am finding that I am not making much progress. I need to generate a report that will show rubrics results for 5 specific courses. So far, I have been able to generate the list of users and the associated rubrics, but need a quicker way to decode the criterion IDs and the Level Achieved ID. Any thoughts? If anyone has any sample ETL flows that would be helpful too.


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Phi.Y.474 Here's the ETL data flow I made in Domo to pull data on graded rubrics.

    And this is what I had for finding certain data points in the tables:

  • Phi.Y.474
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    Thanks! Helpful to see this mapped out. A lot of the rubrics that we are experimienting with in D2L actually do not have an overall score. A lot of them look like the below with criteria mapped out and then the level selected:

    I mainly just need to extract what levels students achieved on the specific criteria for a chunk of courses.

    I'll take a look at the sample data flow that you have. I am having some trouble determining what the identifying and matching columns would be for datasets that I am thinking I need to join. I wish Brightspace provided more detailed resources/tutorials for the ETL option. It would help to see use cases too for sample ETL flows. Again, very new to this.

    Appreciate the help.