can't change "Inactive" status of course

My course is shown as inactive and my students cannot access it. When I go into "course offering information," it says "active: false".and does not give me an option to make it active. I need to solve this problem ASAP because my students need to do an assignment. Thank youl


  • Pedro.S.874

    Hi Jarett,

    I recommend reaching out to the MTSU IT team. They can open a case with our product support team, and they will be able to verify the issue.


  • Johnny.B.962

    A course's Active/Inactive status is able to be changed by your LMS Administrator (or someone with a similar role/permissions within your Brightspace site). I would suggest contacting them immediately for support in this case.

  • Heba.A.271
    Heba.A.271 Posts: 85

    Hi Jarett,

    Thank you for reaching Brightspace Community.

    Its seems you may not have the permission to change the course status, you may validate with the admin of your organization on your role permission if you have the "Change status" Permission enabled.

    Your Admin can also follow these steps in order to enable your permissions:

    To allow a role to make a course active or inactive:

    1. From the Admin Tools menu, click Roles and Permissions.
    2. Click on your role
    3. Under Filter by Tool, select Manage Course.
    4. Check or uncheck the Change Status permission.
    5. Click Save.

    Hope this helps !