Anybody else experiencing significant problems with Rubrics? (began Tuesday, March 16th)

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  • No UI to attach or remove a Rubric to an Assignment or Discussion via any "experience." Existing Rubrics are visible when editing the respective activities.
  • Existing Rubric attached to an Assignment is no longer visible on the Evaluate page for scoring a student submission unless using the new activity evaluation experience. Rubric scoring for Discussions is still working.
  • A couple of weeks ago when I could attach a Rubric to an Assignment, a Rubric created via the new rubric create/edit experience could only be attached to an Assignment via the new assignment create/edit experience.


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    DO NOT turn off the Organization Tool "Competencies" if you are using the Organization Tool "Rubrics"

    That caused the problems related to the UI and rubric missing from the Evaluation experience.

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    [More info]

    Based on the following documentation:

    "Competencies is a legacy tool" vs. "Learning Outcomes is a new tool"

    [reading between the lines, I understood that to mean Competencies will be removed at some point because Learning Outcomes is taking over]


    "Clients cannot use both the Competencies Tool and the Learning Outcomes tool in the same course. It is possible to continue using Competencies in some courses and use Learning Outcomes in others. If you are using one, all instances of the other are now hidden from view. For a new, empty shell course, both the Competency tool and Learning Outcomes tool appear in the Course Administration page. However, as soon as you decide to use the Learning Outcomes tool or the Competency tool, then the link to the other tool is hidden"


    ...I had turned off the Competencies tool because we use Learning Outcomes (mutually exclusive) and I didn't want to confuse the instructors by continuing to offer a tool we aren't using and that appears to be on the way out. e.g., if they created a Competency in a course, the Learning Outcomes tool (that they should be using) would be removed from the course.


    I had not seen any documentation that suggested Rubrics depend on the Competencies tool (which we are not using). But apparently turning off the Competencies tool is what broke the Rubric system on our site. Suggestion: if both Rubrics and Competencies are enabled as Organization Tools, pop up a warning about the impact on Rubrics when the Competencies tool is switched off.

  • Hi Steve,


    I just wanted to expand on your findings and support that observation (dependency between use of rubrics and availability of competency tool) by sharing this documentation which warns against turning off the competencies tool if rubrics are in use (to your point):


    Source Article: Enable the Learning Outcomes tool




    Do not disable the Competency tool in your environment. Even if you plan to only use the Outcomes tool, there are many dependencies between the competency tool and the rubric tool in the current environment. Disabling the competency tool prevents you from being able to properly attach rubrics to your assignments as well as other unintended side effects.