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Class Progress -- Content Completed

Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱

For Class Progress, I would like the students to be listed in terms of the content completed and not alphabetically. Is there a way that this can be changed? I would like this to be the default since my students work at their own pace.

Thanks :)



  • Matt.W.287
    Matt.W.287 Posts: 50

    Hi Chelsey

    I'm afraid there's no such setting. It's a good idea though. I searched for it in the Product Ideas Exchange and I don't find it as an existing Feature Request so I would encourage you to post it there. All software changes start from creative sparks and posting in PIE will get it looked at by the appropriate Product Manager.

    No guarantees on how long it would take before it appeared in Brightspace but if it's an easy thing to implement (or if a lot of people up-vote it) then there's no telling how quickly it could show up.

    I hope that's helpful.

  • Chelsey.Y.865
    Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱

    Hi @Matt.W.287 Thanks for this reply :) I've posted in PIE.