Exam correct answer doesn't reflect the question library correct answer


An instructor has an exam where the correct answer in the exam is not the same as the one in the question library. Apparently, at one point, the correct answer was changed in the question library. It is correct now in the QL. Why would it show up as incorrect on the exam? And how do we fix it?


  • Matt.W.287
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    Hi Steven

    The question in the Question Library (QL) is most likely a different version than what appears in the quiz. Presuming the question in the quiz was imported from QL (at which point the question id number in the database would match) then when the edit was made there would have been a prompt asking whether or not this change should propagate to any copies or not.

    If the quiz itself has not been updated to match the new correct answer then it will be necessary to either (a) manually adjust the quiz scores or (b) edit the quiz to match the QL. However option-b will only impact future attempts and none of those already taken.

    You would need to reach out to Support to verify things like the question id being the same but I think what you want to know most is whether you're stuck adjusting the scores for recent attempts. I'm afraid to say, "I think so".

    I hope that's helpful

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    Hi, @Steven.M.891,

    Thanks for reaching us through the Brightspace Community.

    Updating questions and answers in the Question Library will not reflect on quizzes previously created with those questions.

    That said, you will now have to update this question in all your quizzes. This is how you can quickly update all students' attempts for a quiz:

    In the Quizzes tool, click the down arrow right next to the desired quiz and click 'Grade':

    Then, go to the 'Questions' tab.

    Now, select 'Update all Attempts' and click the question you would like to modify the answer.

    Under Grading Type, you will select 'Give to attempts with the following answer _____ points'.

    Then just type in the desired modification and click 'Save'.

    Here you can find more info on this topic:


  • Steven.M.891
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    Thank you for the quick response. I believe we have it.