Login Issues with Single Sign on in D2L (two accounts)

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I need help logging into D2L with my single sign-on username and password. When trying to access the site, it allows me to authenticate through the sign-in process up to the point of receiving a text message, but when I select stay logged in, it gives me an error message. See attached screenshot. I can authenticate and log in to all of the other applications with the university. I have a rather unusual situation. I have two D2L accounts; one is an IT support account which I access without SSO, and the other is my instructor account which uses my university email and password. I have reached out to our IT department and the admin for D2L, but so far, no one has been able to help me. I have cleared my cache, I am accessing D2L with a typed URL, I am typing my password, and I've tried several browsers and incognito. I would like someone in this forum to help me figure this out.


  • Stefanie.B.518
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    Hi @Susan.G.961
    This account has been successfully registered with the Single Sign On as a Higher Education Instructor Role tied to your personal, professional email address. You will not be able to access the approved support contact homepage to log a support case with D2 using this account.

    I'll reach out to your Customer Success Manager for your school, to ensure that the list of approved support contacts it up-to-date.

    The site will log you out after a period of inactivity of, I believe, 6 hours.

    You mentioned that you have access to 2 Community Accounts.
    I have heard of group ASC accounts before- if this is your situation, you will only be able to log support cases using the email and password tied to that secondary account.

    This article explains more about how to access the Approved Support Contact Homepage