Porting Over a Moodle Glossary to Brightspace

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I'm wondering how to port over a video glossary from Moodle to Brightspace?

The glossary did not port over when my courses were ported so I'm wondering if there is a different way to port the glossary on its own into the D2L courses.

Thanks :)


  • Chris.S.534
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    Hi Chelsey,
    Unfortunately you cannot import a Moodle glossary XML file directly into the tool.
    You could try exporting the glossary file, use an online XML to CSV conversion tool, or do this in Excel if available.
    Dependant on how good the conversion is you may need to do some cutting and pasting to get the file into the format required for the glossary import.
    The CSV import format in Brightspace is very straight forward and is just a CSV file with the following 2 headers: Term,Definition
    Thereafter, all subsequent rows will contain the actual terms and definitions you wish to import.
    A sample CSV file template is available in the Glossary tool.
    Hope that helps.

  • Chelsey.Y.865
    Chelsey.Y.865 Posts: 75 🌱

    Hi @Chris.S.534 Thanks for this information. I admit it's all Greek to me, but I'll pass the info on to our tech team and see what they say.

    Alternatively, is there a way to input a lot of videos at once into a glossary (or would that need to be done one video at a time)?

    Thanks :)