Identifying Quiz Question Items Imported from Question Libraries


I've run into cases where it is assumed that a question on a quiz has been imported from a question library, but instead the quiz question is not associated with the equivalent item that may have been imported into the question library from another course or quiz. As a result the items need to be edited in both the quiz and again in the question library, or the item on the quiz needs to be deleted and replaced with an import of the same question that lives in the library.

Is there a quick, visual way when in the question library to identify whether questions in the question library are being used in quizzes vs those items that exist in the library, but are not used in any quizzes in that course?

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    Hello @Chris.E.279

    What a great question.

    The answer to my knowledge is a bit of 'yes and no'.

    When looking at / editing the question from within the question library, there is no visual indicator that the question is in use. However, when attempting to save an edit to the question, then

    A) if the question is not yet in use anywhere, your changes will be saved without any additional dialog

    B) if the question is in use somewhere, you will be presented with an additional dialog prompting you to choose where you wish the changes to apply — any combination of question library and/or the quizzes that utilize the question, like so:

    In terms of rendering a visual indicator elsewhere in that workflow (ahead of an actual edit), I would recommend you submit that as a feature request in the Product Ideas Exchange (PIE), or update an existing request if one exists.

    I hope that helps


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