Possible to Bulk Edit Additional Quiz Settings or Change Default Settings?

The bulk edit options for quizzes seem rather limited. Is there not a way to bulk edit more than just the name, category, visibility, and attempts?

I see that I can use the Manage Dates tool to bulk edit a few more things if I filter by tool and choose quizzes: due date, start date, end date. But I'm not seeing any way to bulk edit other quiz settings such as results displays or timings etc.

If there's no way to bulk edit these preferences, is there a way for professors to change the default settings at the course level so that they won't need to edit the settings for every quiz individually? For example, if an instructor usually wants students to see their attempt grade and "Incorrect questions only, without correct answers," is there a way to make that the default option for a course?

Thanks for any tips or insights you can offer.

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    Good Morning @Jennifer.B.472 ,

    As you have discovered, although we do have various bulk tools for editing objects such as quizzes, you are still limited by the properties you can edit within these workflows. For any properties you are not able to target through the bulk edit option for quizzes, I would recommend you submit a feature request(s) in Product Ideas Exchange (PIE), or update an existing idea(s). Reading your question, I think I'm seeing two separate requests:

    a) an expansion of the bulk editing capabilities for quizzing

    b) the ability to configure defaults for the quizzing properties at the course level

    RE: a If you have someone on your team who is versed with using our API, they could check out our Developer Platform as there are some Quizzing calls you could make to bulk update quizzes using this method as well.

    RE: b Something that you could do to help instructors manage would be to seed the course with a quiz object that is used for the purpose for copying in defaults when creating new quiz objects. You could, for example, call the quiz 'default template' and then anytime an instructor goes to create a new quiz, they would just copy from the default template. The caveat here is that changes to the settings in the 'default template' object would not dynamically update the existing quizzes that may have already been constructed in its image. Therefore, this suggestion would be more of a workaround / best practice VS a direct solution to what you're describing.

    If you do end up finding existing feature requests / logging new ones in the PIE, don't forget to post those back here in the comments so others interested can link through an upvote as well.

    I hope that helps :)


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