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Hello! I found out that the work to do widget shows some strange behavior when a user has multiple roles within D2L. At the org level where the widget is displayed, the user's role is student, but at the course level, the user's role is teaching assistant. The assignment deadline is displayed in the work to do widget even though the user's role is of Teaching Assistant. Is this expected behavior due to the user's role in the org? If not, how can I fix this? Thank you!


  • Heba.A.271
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    Hi Jairo,

    Thank you for reaching Brightspace Community!

    If the user has a multiple roles as mentioned it is expected that the widget will show assignments for both roles if its on the Org home ( this widget was designed to be used with just students)

    The Org home version of the widget will show work to do across all courses in the Org regardless of the user's role in those courses.

    Hope this helps!


  • Jairo.D.632
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    thanks! in the higher learning setting, almost all of our teaching assistants and graders are students at the org level, so possibly creating a filter or tweaking the logic so only courses in which they are a student appear in the widget would be a great idea. Similarly, there's a PIE item that i just upvoted as well! D8285