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Anyone out there successfully implemented the LTI 1.3 for the Qualtrics Course Evaluation Tool?

Currently stuck on this message the Qualtrics implementation team really has no clue what's wrong with it.


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  • Sam.B.358
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    Got this all figured out, if it pops up for anyone else…

    The deployment link needs to point to, which wasn't anywhere in the instructions that Qualtrics provided. Implementation gave it to me in a meeting.



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    Hello @Sam.B.358,

    I don't believe Qualtrics is an official D2L Partner; albeit I believe this is something we're trying to pursue.

    From what I recall, the last customer I was working with who was trying to integrate eventually ran into a roadblock trying to place a snippet of required java code within Brightspace, which can only be done with additional an service and approvals.

    Since I'm not certain on the current status of our Partnership with Qualtrics and/or what this particular error message you've depicted suggests, I think the best next step here is to get you connected directly to our Partners team who can do their best to direct you from here (check your inbox)

    I hope that helps!


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  • Hi @Sam.B.358

    Thank you for following-up here and thinking of other community members who may be interesting in following this question to resolution.

    We're happy that you were able to work this out :)


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  • Joe.S.454
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    Hi Sam, have you used the course evaluations tool to write grades back to the gradebook? We have LTI 1.3 enabled, but have not had any success pushing a grade back.