Custom Reporting Framework permissions?


I've looked through the permissions section and don't see a matrix for setting and expected behavior for the Custom Report Framework section.


  • Furkan.K.312

    Hi Fresa,
    Thank you for asking this question.

    Can you plesae elaborate on your question?

    What are you expecting regarding permissions?

    What particular report permissions are you looking for?

    I found a community article. Let's see if that can help

    Thank you.

  • Fresa.J.932
    Fresa.J.932 Posts: 6 🌱

    In the Admin Documentation, there isn't a section for Custom Report Framework permissions under the Roles and Permissions.

  • Bharti.B.332

    Hello @Fresa.J.932

    Custom Reporting Framework is a tool which needs to be enabled along with Advanced Data Sets, Brightspace Data Sets On the Tool Availability page while setting up Data Hub tool.

    Once you enable the tool on org level, you should be able to see the tool in Roles and Permissions.

    Please refer the article here which describes detailed information on data hub permissions.

    Thanks and Regards,