Fusion 2023: Connect with the Knowledge and Community Teams!

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👩‍🔬Community & Knowledge Lab

Connect with the Community & Knowledge Lab

Whether you're joining us in person or connecting with our experiences virtually, we LOVE to hear your feedback about what community improvements we should be prioritizing. We're very grateful to all of you that engage with us for Fusion 2023!

Participate in Person or Virtually to collect your Community Fusion 2023 Badge


  • Erin.M.617
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    Do you know if the keynote and welcome sessions from today and yesterday were recorded and will be posted? I stumbled upon them this afternoon. I was disappointed I didn't get an email explaining how to access Fusion virtually this year.

  • Andrea.B.236
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    Hi @Erin.M.617 ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Brightspace Community!

    You can access the D2L Fusion On Demand space via the main Fusion page. There is also a Fusion FAQ that can help answer common questions and has a contact email as well.

    Thanks for joining us and please feel welcome to reach out again if you need any help!