Impersonate user permissions. <br /><br />We are trying to allow some of our roles to be able to...


Impersonate user permissions. We are trying to allow some of our roles to be able to impersonate other users. We have this working to allow them to impersonate learners. But we also want them to be able to impersonate some our "Instructors"

However we get this error: Cannot Impersonate User

You do not have sufficient permission to impersonate this user; they are enrolled with a higher access level in other areas of the organisation


The role that we want to be able to do the impersonate functionality is a Cascading Role, and we copied the permissions from the role that we want them to be able to impersonate and then gave them the extra permissions to impersonate that role - which is a non cascading role.



Any advice anyone can give on setting this up would be really handy :)

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  • Janet.W.813
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    I encountered this error and was given this additional information after checking the roles and permissions and unenrolling/reenrolling did not correct the issue:

    When a user impersonates another user, they are expected to access the Learning Environment (all options, courses, etc.) as the user they are impersonating. Although you are impersonating a specific role from the Classlist, to be able to successfully impersonate a user you require permissions to impersonate all the roles the user has been enrolled with.

    Therefore, it’s possible the user is enrolled in another course offering with a different role that is affecting the ability to impersonate them. Check the User Enrollment Log for the user account you are trying to impersonate to determine where they might be currently enrolled with a role that has permissions above that of the one you are using to Impersonate.

    Hope that helps!


  • Aadil.Butt8248
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    Hi @Christina Tidy​ 


    Can you please go to Roles and Permissions tool from Admin Tool Menu and make sure the Role has the permission to Impersonate the Instructor Role at Course Offering Level under Users tool so they can impersonate the Role from Classlist tool?

    To be able to impersonate a particular role they should have the permission to impersonate the Role if you wish the user to impersonate from the Users tool then please enable the permission at Org level as well.


    Hope that helps.




  • Christina.T.727
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    Thanks It was all ticked. Turned out it just seemed to need the users to be unenrolled and then reenrolled and it sorted it, to be able to impersonate. I think it must have been picking up the previous role conditions, rather than the new role permissions.