New Content Experience: Video Embeds


My institution is currently experimenting with the New Content Experience. A concern is the lack of support for video embeds (bar YouTube) when creating a new weblink. Will there ever be an option to insert an embed code instead of only a URL? Being to create video topics and audio topics is a very welcome feature of the classic content experience.

If there is a way to embed videos other than into html pages, I'd appreciate any guidance.




  • Bharti.B.332

    Hello @Rodrigo.L.127

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community!

    In New Content experience (Lessons), there is no 'Video or Audio' option directly, as it actually falls under a few other options:

    1. If you have the URL that happens to be a video, you can add it by selecting 'Create New' > "WebLink"
    2. If you have a file that happens to be a video, you can add it by selecting "Add Existing" > then using the drag/drop or browse option to find it.
    3. Classic Content has an option to add Embed code, however the recommendation for using Embedded code is to create a new HTML file, and then embed the video within that file using the Insert Stuff option to add the video.

    Hope this helps.

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