View Enrollment eMails Sent by Brightspace

JR.D.181 Posts: 3 🔍

When sending emails as an individual user (e.g. instructor, designer, admin, etc.) you can check your sent history through the email tool (access through the top navbar). However, we also send emails that make user of the email templates. These include registration and enrollment emails such as those when learners get created and enrolled into courses. However, some of our learners don't seem to get those automated emails (not even in their junk folder).

Is there a way to view a list/history of sent mail from the automated/templates?


  • Hi JR.D.181

    Thank you for reaching us through Brightspace Community!

    Your query on whether there a way to view a list/history of sent mail from the automated/templates is identified as a feature request. We recommend you to open an item in Product Idea Exchange if you like this feature to be implemented.

    Also, if you find an issue with automated emails not received at the user end, may I suggest you open a support ticket with us for us to further investigate this issue, please?

    Kind Regards,


  • JR.D.181
    JR.D.181 Posts: 3 🔍

    Thank you Sreelakshmi,

    I will take this answer to mean there is no way to check whether system emails are actually sent out.

    I will follow-up with support as you've suggested.