Using Brightspace with OCaml


I'm trying to set up a new brightspace course for a course on functional programming in OCaml. I noticed that there's the ability to add code snippets to the page, but no syntax highlighting available for OCaml. Is it possible to fix that?


  • Chris.S.534
    Chris.S.534 Posts: 201

    Hi Andrew

    The request to have OCaml added into the list of programming language available in the 'HTML Editor > Insert Code' will need to submission to the Product Idea Exchange (PIE). The link to PIE is available from the Quick Links menu group on the right →

    Hope that helps!

  • Andrew.H.115
    Andrew.H.115 Posts: 3 🔍

    Thanks, I didn't know about that! I'll add it there.

    In the meantime, if anyone knows of a plugin or anything similar as a workaround, let me know.