Student acknowledgement checkbox that work is original, at time of submitting assignments

Hi, we seem to have lost the ability to add in a checkbox for students to check before submitting assignments, to declare that the submission is their own work. We always had this checkbox on hard copy submissions, and I think we had it previously on D2L but can't find it? Not only do we need this to close the academic integrity loop for students to make these declarations--but we were looking to edit the text to perhaps add in something about generative AI usage too.

Not sure if this is something now missing from the Turnitin app or in the native Brightspace assessment options. How are others doing this?

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  • Jeffrey.M.844
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    Hello @Heather.D.353

    Thank you for raising this great question!

    Currently, the Brightspace Assignments tool does not have a plagiarism declaration checkbox. However, this is a great idea, and I would encourage you to check out the Product Ideas Exchange (PIE) where you can either post this as a new feature request or upvote an existing idea. Here is a similar idea that I think will interest you:

    Add 'plagiarism declaration' message option to Dropbox (D1038)

    Note: Dropbox was the legacy branding of what is now known as the Assignments tool.

    Having said this, you could always consider leveraging other components of Brightspace to satisfy the use case. Here are some ideas for how others might be managing in the absence of purposefully built feature:

    1. You can Customize language terms using the Language Management tool to modify existing language within the Submit Assignment user interface. Fore example, term Dropbox.Shared.lblFiles would be one you could use for this purpose.
    2. You can setup a separate content topic or activity (quiz, checklist, etc) against which the assignment folder is release conditioned. Here is a list of Tools that support release conditions.
    3. You could use the Terms and Conditions tool capture a one-time declaration that users encounter upon login to your instance of Brightspace.

    There are surely other ways to manage this – Brightspace Community share your creative solutions! – but the one that I think is most seamless is option 1. Here’s an example of what that could look like:



    If you need to report on this or need to be able to demonstrate acknowledgement (not just present the information where the learner is likely to see it) then option 2 might be better to go with.

    I hope that helps!


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  • Steve.B.446
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    Jeffrey's method will allow you to add your declaration for when students submit by accessing the Assignments tool directly,

    If you're using Classic content and use Existing Activities/Assignments to create a link to your assignment, it's a different interface, so you'll want to modify the text on that screen. Adding it to the end of Dropbox.Viewer.txtNoSubmissions is the best place I have found, but it ignores the formatting tags like [br] so it doesn't look as great as it might.

  • Heather.D.353
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    Thank you Jeffrey and Steve. I have added my vote to 'plagiarism declaration message (Org level) too.